Monday, 24 March 2008

Little Miracles

Miracle of miracles- the butternut squash seeds have germinated! I am so happy, especially after everyone laughed at me for planting them.
And as I was tending to my geraniums, I found a propeller seed (I'm not sure what their real names are: are they a specific tree or do lots of seeds disperse like this?) had also taken root in its pot. It was incredible to think that in all the places it could have landed in London's concrete jungle, it somehow found its way to my geranium pot and managed to come to life. It is such an inspiring and special though.
I'm going to try and leave it alone, as all of my seed interferences have so far led to disaster.

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Karen said...

Hello Cordelia, I came across your blog through the uk knitters ring random button. Just wondering, have you fulfilled any of those knitting resolutions yet? Oh and your cake looks fantastic.