Monday, 24 March 2008

Blissed out

After the long term mitten project, I wanted to make something simple, but useful and so settled on this large spot cushion from the Debbie Bliss 'Home' book.
I spent some time trawling various shops, real and online, to find some bargainous Debbie Bliss Merino wool, but, after another fruitless search I was forced to acknowledge the following:
1) Debbie Bliss does not knit for the more improverished among us
2) I am knitting a cushion. To sit on. My bottom does not need merino wool
3) I have some pretty fushia and pink acrylics just sitting in a box in my house

And so with a sigh, I abandoned my financially ruinous hankering of a scattering of pure wool cushions, and settled for the acrylics. To be fair, it doesn't knit all that nicely, gets stuck on the needles, squeaks at bizarre intervals and gives me clammy hands, but at £1.50 a throw, I'm not going to complain.
I even prefer my clashing pink-on-pink colour combination. It reminds me of fushia flowers bursting in on the garden, with their cavalier disregard for genteel tastes. The first bud has formed on mine and I'm looking forward to a spectatularly trashy display. I hope they will make it through in time to clash with the last of pink tulips.

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