Monday, 24 March 2008

My gardening week

On Tuesday, another lovely leaf day, I had the day off and vowed to accomplish great things on the balcony.
I replanted some parsley and sage seeds, the last set having given up the ghost. I had a little funeral for them as I put them in the rubbish, felt very sad and vowed to try harder. I think I am too impatient. I also abandoned the egg box scheme, and bought peat pots. The cardboard kept going mouldy and it was so hard to pot the seedlings on without damaging their little roots.
I put the garden centre buys into their jolly pots and spent some considerable time admiring the colour clash they effected.

And I did what I should have done last year and staked my sweetpeas. I'm staggered that they managed to survive the whole winter outside in the cold, and decided to show my gratitude by thinning them, and tying them on stout little poles. I hope I didn't disturb their roots too much, and they will repay me with beautiful flowers in a few months time.

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