Saturday, 9 August 2008


Regard: My first woolly Ebay purchase. It gives me a real sense of acheivement. Not entirely sure what to make with them now.
This seems to be a recurring problem: namely wondering into a shop like a child in a sweetshop, picking up nice fat balls of wool I like the look of, vaguely thinking, "oh yes, that WILL be useful, better get two, or three." then arranging them prettily on a shelf at home and never turning them in to something else.
Worst Offenders:
This very exciting all natural, all heritage wool from a tourist shop improbably placed halfway up a hill in the Scottish Highlands.
(Naturally bought three as I wouldn't be coming back. Too scratchy to wear, maybe it will become a nice beret?)
This unidentifiable but so pretty haul from the bargain bin in Shoreham...I'm frightened it won't be as beautiful if I were to unwind it and knit it.
This Rowan wool aran, which I couldn't resist in a sale. I wanted to make myself a little hat, or gloves but have gone off the colour after looking at it everyday for six months.
These two prized treasures carried off triumphantly from Venice because they reminded me of radicchio. And then realising how thick it is, and worrying, as usual, that I won't like it so much knitted. Maybe they'll be too much white? These two especially induce guilt.

I'm hoping that all these problems and more can be solved by Ravelry. I admit it, I was sceptical at first, but but but, you can just stick the yarn in and find out what everyone else has been doing with the same...brilliant.


Jami Anderson said...

Ok, this is weird. I have a blog that is almost identical with yours (mine has a hyphen between woolly and thinking) so accidentally found yours when looking for mine. Weirder still, is that I find myself really excited by what you write, and have thoughts and musings very similar to yours. Creepy or cool?

redindian said...

I know this isn't the place to post this but I'm hoping you can help by putting this information on ravelry for me where you replied to my post about the coat for the boat project at the Customs house in South Shields. I am the coordinator for the knitted items that are going with the boat and for the past three weeks I have not been able to post new topics or reply to threads or answer my messages The team at ravelry are not able to help. The knitting needs to be finished by May 23rd. The boat and its contents will be on display in the gallery andthe launch in the river will be in July. The RNLI will benefit financially from this project I would be very grateful if you could post some of this and my e-mail address is if you need to know more.Maybe some kind soul will come to my aid and help with some advice as to how to solve my problem. Thanks Sue Please feel free to delete this comment as soon as you read it because I know its not relevant to your blog